Make games while learning to code.

Do you want to : 

        Create YOUR game and feel the pleasure of building your gorgeous universe ?

        Learn to code - definitely a smart investment for the coming years ? 

        Play or even better, challenge your friends? 


So welcome! VGCS opens all these doors. In front of you, the ocean of possibilities...


Hello Giant!

With VideoGame Construction Set (VGCS), you can :

        Make games while learning to code.

        Build your universe.

        Play with your friends.


There is more, something unique is hidden known only by the game makers : the pleasure of creating is unique and joyfull.


Everything starts with a small idea. We make it real with some work, re-design some part and fix our share of bugs.

And inevitably, the magic happens. You can call it grace, sparkle or inspiration but you will recognize it. A new and great idea emerges and the reward is this quiet joy. Our brain is happy and we are feeling good. Truly, we are feeling stronger. 


We want to share this feeling with you.

Four Build-In Games

These four build-in games are available (you can easily modify them and add your ideas) :

        Pop Island (1-2 players) - a CTF game. It’s an adaptation of our first Pop Island joyfully released on the Nintendo consoles in 2006 and 2007 (90% NintendoLife 90% NintendoWorldReport). You put yourself in a penguin' shoes and your team is counting on you. The same frantic capture the flag style gameplay returns in all of its glory.

        Fish & Shark (1 player) - a Run & Jump game. It’s simple game to play and to code. You will swim inside an infinity pool, trying to collect coins to increase your score. The game has one control only, touch to jump. The longer you tap, the higher your fish/ shark will jump. You need to avoid hitting the building by jumping through it.

        Five Minutes Before (1-2 players). You only have, you guessed it, five minutes to save the lives of those you see on rooftops as you pilot your futuristic aircraft. You will fly your powerful craft gliding between buildings, plunging towards the ground, and then swooping back up on your extreme mission!

        One Shot (2 players) FPS. Found some ammo and find your opponent. Be careful, you will win or loose with one bullet.

Code is the real game

The code is the ultimate tool to create your world. It gives you a total control.

Let's face it, the code is boring to learn without purpose. It's like learning grammar without talking.

However learning to code is a great investment for the future. It is the new alphabet. You know how to use this power or you don't.

But if you learn to code within a true game context, everything changes ! Learning becomes much more exciting.

Why did we choose the name "PULP" for our language ? Because it has been designed to give you the pulp of the code.

There are few things to understand and you can learn it with our 15 tutorials.

Just write some lines of code and you will be thrilled to see what you can do with your brain.

With PULP, you are at the heart of the creation. 


You could learn something so useful while making games. 

And you could play with your creation with your friends.


What you are learning here is solid and your efforts will be rewarded. 

Join the family of coders ! It's a big family and we recognize each other.

We love to learn new things, challenge our limits and search for the hidden beauty.

Better than playing ? Create your game and play with it.

Even Better ? Share it and play with your friends.

The invitation is open.


We are gamers. We are Makers. We are Coders.

We are what we do.

Join us.


        The ultimate sandbox!

        Learn "PULP", a language close to C with some additions like the lists. For all of those who know , that's good news ...

        Program your game with a unique and professional interface.

        Build in a world of 2048x1024 blocks. It's beautiful, familiar and powerful.

        4 complete Build-In games. Play with these games if you want to know how powerful PULP language.

        15 tutorials to learn to code from scratch.

        1-2 players, 1000+ agents, 1000+ particles, 16,000,000+ bricks.

        400+ functions to handles the world. Shape your landscape, add robots and ecosystems in minutes. The ocean of possibilities is facing you...

        Build-In vehicles. Play with drone, hunter, penguin, helicopter, shark, plane and more.

        Powerful engine: 60fps, up to 60,000,000 basic instructions per second !!!

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