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It's full of surprises.


Search for beauty, listen, try

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Note about VR experience. You should read this before using your VR Headset.


- TO DO FIRST : Because each person is different, you could change the VR eyes settings in the setting page. VR Setting 1 or 2 are common. Test these settings and found what is more comfortable for you.


- Our app is compatible with MFi bluetooth controller with two pads. Use Left and Right Trigger to turn quickly. Use the two pads to fly.


VR experience is really a new world, your brain feels it as real when it's not and this is good reason for caution. When you buy VR glasses, start by reading carefully the manual and the VR disclaimer.  


Basically if you feel discomfort, stop using immediately your VR glasses - if you experience eye strain, seizures, loss of awareness, nausea or "any symptoms similar to motion sickness."  


By design, VR headset completely blocks your view of your actual surroundings. You should remain seated and stationary to keep you safe. Be careful and ensure that you in a situation that cannot hurt you or other people.


Take breaks is a great idea. Always take at least a 10 to 15 minute break every 15 minutes. If you think you'll need more frequent or longer breaks, listen yourself !


And VR glasses should not be used by children under the age of 13. Adults should monitor children (age 13 and older) who are using or have used the VR glasses. Adults should limit the time children spend using the VR glasses and ensure they take breaks during use.