Créé avec Sparkle

odenis studio was created in 2005,

in Paris, France.


This is our play list.

Rising Board

Perhaps you are still a doubter. If so, let me attempt to remove your doubt. Rising Board 3D is quirky and fun and you will enjoy yourself. Plus, it’s a great pick and play game that provides waves of enjoyment.

Rising Board is another odenis studio must-have for your Nintendo handheld? It’s great to see the studio on the 3DS - Now let’s just hope for Glory Days 3

Pop Island Paperfield

As incredible as the visual display was in the original pop island release, it seems to have only gotten more refined with age. You won’t likely find a more quirky or vibrant set of terrain anywhere on the service.

Paper field is one of the best additions to the Nintendo DSiWare store and is a steal when you look at all content you are getting.

The music is also excellent !

Pop Island oozes charm and is wonderfully silly fun.

Five dollars for a game you can share and play with up to eights friends is a small price to pay, especially when it’s this fun!

Not only does the game look and sound amazing for a dsiware release, but it’s so simple to pick and play that you’ll find yourself diving in and having fun in almost no time.

The mix of action and strategy is exceptional.

1UP 2007 Awards - Best strategic game finalist

IGN 2007 Awards - Best DS Action game finalist

IGN 07 Awards - Best DS Action Multiplayer finalist

IGN 2007 Awards - Best DS Original Score finalist

IGN 2007 Awards - Best DS use of Sound finalist

Game Almighy  88 out of 100

Glory Days 2 took me completely by surprise. It’s the perfect game that I didn’t even know I needed.

Glory Days 2 might be the most appropriately named video game in history.